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This site is sponsored and supported by Tim Bradford, of American Midwest Mortgage.  

The purpose of this site is to provide information to renters and prospective home buyers about the purchase of a home in Cleveland or Northern Ohio.  Most renters have received a postcard similar to this:  

 "Whose mortgage do you want to pay, Yours or Your Landlords."  

Here is a table promoting the benefits of Owning:


1. Build equity for you and your family with every mortgage payment.

1. The landlord gets the benefit of equity instead of you.

2. Deduct interest paid on your home loan from taxes, in most cases.

2. Rent payments are not tax deductible.

3. Enjoy the privacy of your own yard.

3. Can you say, “Common Area”?

4. Personalize your home the way you want with choices of paint, brick, cabinets and more!

4. You can’t personalize your space – it belongs to your landlord.

5. Depend on a covered parking place all the time – in your own garage.

5. Hope you can find a parking place near your apartment!

6. Benefit from extra storage space for all your extra stuff.

6. There’s more stuff than storage!

7. Enjoy plenty of room to entertain family and friends.

7. It seems like you never have enough room for visitors.

8. Establish trust and friendships with your neighbors.

8. You have no idea who’s living next door.

9. Finally – you can turn up the music!

9. You are either asking or being asked to “turn down the music”!

10. sharing the American Dream of home ownership!

10. You’re still dreaming.

 Rent or Buy that is a question for many people?

No longer is it the case of young couples marrying and THEN looking for their first home together. Today, with more and more people delaying marriage due to their career we are finding that single professionals are changing from renters to buyers.

At the same time there are still many renters that are content to enjoy the freedom their lifestyle provides. Although homeowner will brag about the advantages of permanency and ownership, die hard renters can’t be swayed from their position. Most wealthy renters are content to stay that way due to the hassle-free maintenance and the accessibility of luxury amenities now available in new properties.

However, most would be lying if they denied that, whether single or married, at some point they asked themselves, "Am I ready to buy?" Buying a first home is a major step for anyone, young or old, wealthy or just getting by. Is there a "perfect" time to make that transition in anyone’s life?

What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with renting and buying? Each one has its pros and cons. The following list can help you consider the hassles and positives of both.


Pros of Renting

  • Freedom! Renting allows you more flexibility, provided your lease is up and therefore you can move at a moment's notice. You are not faced with the hassle of finding a buyer and waiting until a sale takes place.
  • Reasonable amount of money necessary upfront in order to rent. Typically a security deposit and first/last month's rent (as opposed to substantial down payment).
  • Generally don't have to worry about maintenance etc. instead rely on the landlord or manager to take care of any problems.
  • Renting can give a feeling of independence especially when it is the only option open to young people who do not yet have the means to purchase a home.


Cons of Renting

  • Regardless of what improvements renters make to their homes and regardless of any outside influences that would cause the property value to increase -- renters will never gain equity.
  • Reap no tax advantages
  • Finding that "perfect place" can be a major task
  • Noisy or unfriendly neighbors
  • Often cannot personalize their homes as they see fit. This includes such modifications as painting walls.
  • Unhelpful or unfriendly landlords or property managers.
  • Renting can be costly and is often viewed as money being thrown away each month.
  • Locating rentals that will accept pets can also be a challenge. 



Pros of Buying

  • No longer have to pay rent or deal with landlord
  • Makes good investment sense
  • Finally, a backyard and a safe place for the kids
  • Free to paint, redecorate and remodel their homes as often as they wish
  • Enjoy the tax breaks and other tax advantages associated with homeownership
  • Build equity regardless of whether the value of their homes increases over time
  • Eventually own their homes and are free of a monthly mortgage payment

Cons of Buying

  • Must go through the process of selling their homes and finding a buyer, either with a Realtor's help or not, if they elect to move out of their homes.
  • Must be able to afford a substantial down payment.
  • Must either perform maintenance/repairs on their own or using the services of a professional whom they hire and pay themselves. Buyers are fully responsible for any and all repairs.

This direct comparison demonstrates that neither buying nor renting is the clear choice for everyone. Depending upon your lifestyle, including such factors as the your career, your frequency of travel and whether or not you plan to reside in your current hometown for a long period of time, either choice has plenty of valid advantages.

Recently the multifamily housing market has exploded nationwide and it is offering renters more advantages, amenities and flexibility in housing styles than ever before. Yet, it is hard to shake the dream of homeownership that is still firmly implanted in the minds of most Americans. Homeownership is a worthwhile and significant achievement to be sure. Luckily, due to the success of the multifamily housing industry renters don’t have to resign themselves to mediocre accommodations until the dream of homeownership is within their reach… assuming they are not a hardcore, steady and true renter, of course.


Some decisions in life are easy. Investing in home ownership just makes sense. It’s almost always better to purchase your home if you have the financial ability. When you discover the improved quality of life, the financial advantages, and the tax benefits of new home ownership, the Choice is crystal clear.

Feel free to contact me with ideas or suggestions to improve this site.  Because I am State Licensed Loan Officer, I am always available to answer any of your finance related questions or provide you summaries of financing options available.  

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