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Do you know how much Rent you are paying?

Whose Mortgage do you want to pay....
Yours or Your Landlords?

This calculator will show you how much money you are paying in rent and how much of money you are putting in your Landlords pocket.  You may be surprised just how much your landlord is receiving and how much of a home you could purchase.

What is your Current Rent
What is the anticipated Rate of Rental Increases
(history has shown they increase anywhere between 3-10%)
Rental Analysis Rental Cost
in this Year
In 3 years this is where you will be
In 5 years this is where you will be
In 10 years this is where you will be
In 15 years this is where you will be
If these numbers shock you.  The following loan amounts are possible with no more money than you are presently paying for rent.  And the cash needed to make these purchases could be less than what you would pay as a first month's rent and security deposit. (Higher Purchase Prices are available as any Down Payment increases)
Please Key a proposed rate of Interest. 
InterestOnly Options normally has a slightly higher rate or slightly higher closing costs.
This Calculator Assumes a 30 Year Fixed Rate of interest on your loan.   Year Fixed
For the purpose of this computation we will use the rent that you will be paying in three years for our purposes.   If you wish to change this you can.
(Remember this amount covers principal and Interest Only)
Loan Amount available with this Payment

Or Loan Limit of $  with Interest Only Options - Call for Details and Qualification Requirements.

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