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This Calculator is only intended to provide and Estimate of Seller Proceeds..   The costs shown are only the ones I have typically found in the standard sales contracts used by a majority of the Realtors®  in the general Northern Ohio/Cleveland Market Area.   Consult your Realtor® or Title Company for Verification of current costs.   

This Table presents some common questions I have been asked.  

Items that Affect the Sales Price of your Home

Affect Sales Price

Do Not Affect Sales Price

How much the buyer is willing to pay

Location, condition and size of the property

Dates within the contract.

Recent sales on homes similar to yours.

Sales Concessions or Special Financing Offered

How much cash you need to complete another purchase

The list price of your home

How Much the buyer can afford to pay

The Balance of your Mortgage(s)

Other bills you want to pay off when the home is sold

Effect on Changes to Sales Price

Effect on Seller Proceeds

Effect on Buyer Cost of Home

Every $1,000 change in the sales price will affect your proceeds by approx. $922.00. (Assumes 7% Realtors Commission)  This is because most of a sellers closing costs are fixed amounts.   Generally, the only variable costs are the Rate of Commission, Title Insurance costs and County Transfer taxes. 

Every $1,000 change in sales price has some cost to the buyer.  Consider,  At 7.00% for a 30 Year loan, a  $1,000 change in their loan amounts to $6.65 more per month and $2,395 over the life of the loan.  The buyer could use cash in the bank to make up this difference, however they will need to assign an additional cost above the $1,000 to cover lost interest income.

Contract Dates    How soon or quickly the offer is received or closes should be looked at when considering an offer.   Every month the property remains on the market has cost.   The cost could be your mortgage payment,  property taxes or investment income you could receive on the sales proceeds.  Costs could also be the cost of a bridge loan for a new purchase you are considering.   Sometimes an Early offer is the best offer considering all factors. 

Sales Concessions   As stated above Sales or Special Financing Concessions can affect the sales price of your home.  The "Net Offer" line is the number you should look at when looking at a contract that asks for your assistance.  Look at this number as a price the buyer would have offered you if they had not asked your for financing assistance.   Accepting an offer with Sales concessions can be a WIN/WIN for Buyers and Sellers provided the concessions are reasonable for current market conditions and the ranges of sales prices appraisers could use as comparable sales.

Automatic Title Insurance Calculations based upon 5.75 Per 1,000 up to $150,000 then 4.50 per 1,000 up to $250,000 then 3.50 Per 1,000 up to $500,000 then 2.75 per 1,000 above that With a Min charge of 350.00 Title Insurance Cost assumed to be Split 50/50 between Buyer and Seller.

Closing Costs defined and "Who Pays Them" can be found here

  At the top of the Calculator Page you have Buttons that permit you to enter typical seller closing costs for FHA / VA or Conventional loans.   A Calculate Button is included on the calculator.  In most cases it will not be necessary to use it, unless your web browser does not automatically recalculate numbers.  One final warning, until you leave a field the numbers will not be updated.  This Table presents some common questions I have been asked.  
Set Defaults                
Seller's Estimate of Net Proceeds

JavaScript required. Do not use Commas or Dollar Signs when Keying amounts


Sale Price:

Buyers Request for Points, Closing Costs and Prepaids

Misc. Fees associated with Buyers Loan or  FHA / VA Loan Fees)

Net Offer

Standard Closing Costs


Escrow Fee



Title Exam Fee

$300- 500.


Title Insurance

per 1K of Sales Price Set/View Automatic


Recording Fee

$20-40 Depends on County


Document Preparation/Misc.



Deed Prep

$40-100 To Attorney


County Transfer Tax

per $1,000 of Sales Price


Hold Signature

15-25 per Mortgage on property(per Mortgage)




Estimated Closing Costs  

Prorated Taxes     Taxes Per 1/2 Year 
Transfer Date Month Day

Commission Rates:   
Brokerage Fee
(Amount or Percentage of Sales Price)    

Brokerage Fee (Amount or Percentage of Sales Price)    

Net Proceeds


Pay off 1st Mortgage


Pay off 2nd Mortgage


Estimated Net Proceeds to Seller:

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